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YU Zhaoshuo; DING Hongwu; TANG Qi; SHEN Xu; PU Lingcao; MA Chengjin 2016 山核桃油提取工艺优化及脂肪酸组成分析 GC-MS . Optimization of Extraction Process of Carya Cathayensis Oil and Analysis of Fatty Acid Composition AEM RODUCTS ROCESSING (1) 19-23 10.16693/j.cnki.1671-9646(X).2016.01.035 NWSUAF625 7
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Research Group of Quality Analysis in Oil-bearing Crops 1984 芝麻品种化学成分初步研究_油料作物品种分析课题组(GC) . Preliminary Study on the Chemical Components of Sesame Varieties Scientia Agricultura Sinica (1) 58-61 NWSUAF898 7
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