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F Wang; RL Zhang; HJ Bai 2010 刺山柑籽油脂肪酸成分的GC_MS分析_王芳 . Analysis of Fatty Acid Components in Capparis spinosa L. Seed Oil by GC-MS Medicinal Plant 38(13) 7158-7159 10.3969/j.issn.0517-6611.2010.13.038 NWSUAF209 9
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Gang Sun; Xueping Wang 2000 红桦白桦二种野生植物籽油的脂肪酸成份的研究_孙刚 . Study on Seed Oil Fatty Acid Composition of Two Kinds of Wild Plants (Betula albosinensis Burkill and Betula platyphylla Sukaczev) Science and Technology of Qinghai Agriculture and Forestry (3) 7-8 NWSUAF326 8
Gang Zhu; Huiwen Yang; Yu Zhao; Changqing Yu 2002 超临界CO_2萃取葡萄籽油的工艺研究_朱刚 . Study on the Technology of Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Grape Seed Oil China Oils and Fats 27(2) 38-40 10.3321/j.issn:1003-7969.2002.02.014 NWSUAF158 5
GAN Xiuhai; LIANG Zhiyuan; WANG Daoping 2015 楸树种子脂肪酸含量及成分分析 GC-MS . Analysis on Fatty Acids Composition of Catal Pabuagei Seed Seed 34(6) 27-30 10.16590/j.cnki.1001-4705.2015.06.027 NWSUAF575 7
Gao Huimin; Zhang Yingjun 2010 花生种子脂肪酸含量的微量快速测定_高慧敏 . Microanalysis and Fast Analysis on Fatty Acids of Peanut Seed by Gas Chromatography Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin 26(13) 98-103 NWSUAF344 4
GAO Mei; GUO Rong; FAN Yuanhong; YUAN Lichun; LI Wenchang 2013 云南及周边地区麻疯树种子的油脂评价及利用_高梅(GC) . Evaluation of Oil in Jatropha curcas (Euphorbiaceae) Seeds and Utilization of Recourses Collected from Yunnan Province and Its Adjacent Regions Jiangxi Forestry Science and Technology (5) 52-55 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2505.2013.05.016 NWSUAF873 8
GAO Peng; ZHAO Shuhui; SHAO Zhiyu 2008 GC_MS法分析鹰嘴豆油中脂肪酸组成及含量_高鹏 . Fatty acid composition analysis of chickpea oil by GC-MS China Oils and Fats 33(6) 76-77 10.3321/j.issn:1003-7969.2008.06.024 NWSUAF26 5
GAO Wen-geng; ZHAO Gong-ling 2012 萝卜籽油的提取工艺及其组分分析_高文庚 . Optimal Extraction Process and Composition Analysis of Radish Seed Oil Food Science 33(2) 159-163 NWSUAF447 15
GAO Yi-xia; ZHOU Xiang-jun; ZHANG Ji; LI Min-min 2010 大扁杏杏仁油的脂肪酸分析_高义霞 . Analysis of fatty acids of almonds oil from Prunus armeniaca linn. Science and Technology of Food Industry 31(3) 185-186 NWSUAF214 7
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García-Pantaleón, David M; González, Juan; Moreno-Álvarez, Mario José; Belén-Camacho, Douglas R.; Medina-Martínez, Carlos; Linares, Oscar 2006,9,30 Physicochemical characteristics of yagua palm (<i>Attalea cryptanther</i>) endospermus oil Grasas y Aceites 57 308-312 doi:10.3989/gya.2006.v57.i3.53 14
Garcia Teresa, R.; Buron Arias, I. 1977 Comparison of chemical and physico-chemical properties of acorn oil with other edible oils Anales del Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias None 123-148 FSTA:1979-06-N-0281 6
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Gecgel, Umit; Velioglu, Serap Durakli; Velioglu, Hasan Murat 2011 Investigating Some Physicochemical Properties and Fatty Acid Composition of Native Black Mulberry (Morus nigra L.) Seed Oil Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 88 1179-1187 10.1007/s11746-011-1771-6 21
GE Han-jing; HUANG Fang-qian; DENG Ling-juan; GAO Feng-qin; QIU Nong-xue 2007 苹果籽及其油脂特性的测定_葛含静 . Characteristic analysis of apple seed and its oil CHINA OILS AND FATS 32(3) 79-81 10.3321/j.issn:1003-7969.2007.03.021 NWSUAF523 10
Geng Wei; Cao Lei; Chen Yan 2015 柚子籽的脂肪酸组成与含量分析_耿薇(GC-MS) . Fatty acid analysis of grapefruit seed by external standard method and peak area normalization method Chemical Engineer (2) 14-16 10.16247/j.cnki.23-1171/tq.20150214 NWSUAF866 6
GENG Wei  2015 荞麦籽油的脂肪酸组成与含量分析 . Analysis of fatty acid in buckwheat seed oil Chemical Engineer 29(4) 29-31 10.16247/j.cnki.23-1171/tq.20150429 NWSUAF556 13
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