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Wang Yingqiang; Lai Bingsen; Yan Xiaolin; Lu Ping; Zheng Chenggui; Tan Yafang 1998 亚麻子油中脂肪酸组成分析_王映强 . Analysis of Fatty Acids in Linseed Oil CHINESE JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS 18(3) 176-180 NWSUAF817 8
Vieira, Bruno M.; Elicker, Carolina; Nunes, Camila F.P.; Bairros, André V.; Becker, Emilene M.; de Oliveira, Diogo Müller; Piva, Evandro; Fontoura, Luiz A.M.; Pereira, Claudio M.P. 2016 The synthesis and characterization of Butia capitata seed oil as a FAME feedstock Fuel 184 533-535 10.1016/j.fuel.2016.07.052 9
Jie Yang; Xuena Wang; Ping Liu 2009 莱菔子脂肪酸成分的气相色谱-质谱联用分析_杨洁(GC-MS) . Study on Extraction of Fatty Acids in Semen Raphani and Their Analysis by GC- MS CHINA PHARMACEUTICALS 18(4) 26-27 10.3969/j.issn.1006-4931.2009.04.018 NWSUAF419 7
Sáez-Bastante, J.; Ortega-Román, C.; Pinzi, S.; Lara-Raya, F.R.; Leiva-Candia, D.E.; Dorado, M.P. 2015 Ultrasound-assisted biodiesel production from Camelina sativa oil Bioresource Technology 185 116-124 10.1016/j.biortech.2015.02.090 8
Zu Xin 2010 罂粟籽油脂肪酸组成分析_祖新 . Analysis of fatty acids in poppyseed oil Science and Technology of Cereals;Oils and Foods 18(6) 20-21 10.3969/j.issn.1007-7561.2010.06.008 NWSUAF849 5
Christie, W. W. 1969 GLYCERIDE STRUCTURE OF SAPIUM SEBIFERUM SEED OIL Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta 187 1-& 10.1016/0005-2760(69)90125-8 WOS:A1969D838900001 5
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Hosamani, K. M.; Ganjihal, S. S.; Chavadi, D. V. 2004 Alternanthera triandra seed oil: A moderate source of ricinoleic acid and its possible industrial utilisation Industrial Crops and Products 19 133-136 10.1016/j.indcrop.2003.07.009 WOS:000221482700006 7
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Wang Jing-Ping, Meng Shao-Jiang, Zhang Qing-Hua and He Guan-Fu 1981 The fatty acid compositions of seed oils and their significance in the taxonomy of the family Ulmaceae Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica 19 416-420 http://www.plantsystematics.com/qikan/epaper/zhaiyao.asp?bsid=13563 610
Weng Debao; Wang Haifeng; Cao Xizhong; Zhu Shanliang; Huang Xuefang 1997 不同品种鸡冠花籽油脂肪酸组成的分析_翁德宝 . Analysis on Fatty Acids in Some Different Species of Celosia cristata L. Seed Oil by Gas Chromatography Acta Nutrimenta Sinica (19) 246-249 NWSUAF111 13
Wenqun Lin; Jianqiu Liu; Zhong Chen 2003 女贞果实多糖提取工艺优选和种子油成分分析_林文群(GC) . The Optimum Preparation Procedure for the Extracting Polyhexose Contained in Ligustrum licidum Ait.Fruit and Composition Analysis of Its Seeds Oil JOURNAL OF FUJIAN TEACHERS UNIVERSITY (NATURAL SCIENCE) 19(1) 81-85 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5277.2003.01.020 NWSUAF515 7
Zhongdi Sun; Qun Wang; Shuyun Li; Wenhai Lǚ 2013 炮制对莱菔子中脂肪油的含量的影响及GC-MS分析_孙忠迪(GC-MS)市购 . The Effect and Analysis by GC-MS of Fatty Acid Content In Roasted Semen Raphanisubsp. sativus (L.) Domin Seed and GC-MS Analysis Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae 19(1) 67-69 NWSUAF517 13
Yanchun Xu; Luxue Wei 1994 华黄芪脂肪油的化学成分研究_徐艳春 . Studies on Chemical Constituents of Oil from Astragalus propinquus Schischkin China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica 19(11) 679-679 NWSUAF342 7
ZHOU Yong-hong; LI Wei-guang; YI Feng-ping; LIU Xiong-min 2001 气相色谱-质谱法测定蒜头果油中的脂肪酸 . Determination of Fatty Acids in Malania Oleifera Oil by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY 19(2) 147-148 10.3321/j.issn:1000-8713.2001.02.013 NWSUAF548 7
Li He; Li Huilin; Feng Dong; Li Yuguo 1989 微孔草种子油脂肪酸及不皂化物的分析 GC . ANALYSIS OF FATTY ACIDS AND UNSAPONIFIABLES FROM MICROULA SIKKIMENSIS SEED OIL Chinese Journal of Oil Crop Sciences 19(2) 69-75 NWSUAF698 0
L Shi; JM Wang; WY Kang; JM Wang; WY Kang 2008 海桐果壳和种子脂肪酸成分研究_石磊 . Components of Fatty Acids in the Oil from Rinds or Seeds of Pittosporum tobiro China Pharmacy 19(21) 1634-1635 NWSUAF309 7
Tegen Ao; Qiulin Yang; La Mi; Heping Shi; Zhihong Zhao 1998 蒙古栎橡子维生素含量及脂肪酸成分分析_敖特根 . An analysis of vitamin contents and fatty acid composition of acorn of Quercus mongolica Fisch Journal of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University(Natural Science Edition) 19(3) 121-123 NWSUAF475 8
LIU Yue-xiu; ZHANG Wei-ming 1999 紫苏化学成分分析_刘月秀(GC) . The determination of chemical contents of Perilla frutescens var.arguta Guihaia 19(3) 285-288 10.3969/j.issn.1000-3142.1999.03.024 NWSUAF939 6
Wang Jing-Ping; Meng Shao-Jiang; Zhang Qing-Hua; He Guan-Fu 1981 榆科种子油中脂肪酸成分与榆科分类_王静平(GC) . The fatty acid compositions of seed oils and their significance in the taxonomy of the family Ulmaceae Journal of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 19(4) 416-420 NWSUAF869 12
Zhang Tingyu; Shi shuhe 1997 紫草籽油脂肪酸含量分析_张廷雨 . Analyses o f Fat ty Acid Contents of Gromw ell Seed Oil Acta Nutrimenta Sinica 19(4) 482-483 NWSUAF935 11
Xinchu Weng; Guopu Ren; Xinwei Dong 1994 富含必须脂肪酸的野生新油源苍耳籽的研究-翁新楚(GC) . Study on the seed of Xanthium strumarium subsp. sibiricum (Patrin ex Widder) Greuter which is a kind of wild new oil Source containing essential fatty acids China Oils and Fats 19(5) 44-45 NWSUAF264 7
Zu Liya; Luo Junxiong; Fan Tie 2004 11种坚果中脂肪酸组成的分析比较_祖丽亚 . Fatty Acid Compositions of 11 Nut Species Chinese Cereals and Oils Association 19(6) 54-56 10.3321/j.issn:1003-0174.2004.06.015 NWSUAF2 38
LIU Ren-jian; WU Wei; ZHENG You-liang; YANG Yu-xia; CHEN Li; HUANG Chun-yan 2006 48份红花材料种子含油率及其籽油脂肪酸分析 GC-MS . Analysis of the oil and its fatty acids percentage of the seed of 48 safflower accessions Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 19(6) 920-927 10.3969/j.issn.1001-4829.2006.05.033 NWSUAF10 5
ZHANG Jian-guo; DUAN Ai-guo; ZHANG Jun-pei; PEI Dong; LUO Hong-mei; SHAN Jin-You 2006 不同品种大果沙棘种子特性研究GC . Study on Seed Characteristics of Large Berry Cultivars of Sea Buckthorn Forest Research 19(6) 700-705 10.3321/j.issn:1001-1498.2006.06.005 NWSUAF110 5
X Luo 2006 柑桔籽油中脂肪酸的GC_MS分析_罗喜荣 . Analysis of Fatty Acid in Citrus Seed Oil by GC/MS Journal of Mathematical Medicine 19(6) 640-641 10.3969/j.issn.1004-4337.2006.06.039 NWSUAF270 5
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Guirong Liu; Wanzhong Huang; Ruijian Wang; Zhongkai Yan; Li Geng 1994 红松果壳油化学成分的研究_简报_刘桂荣 . Study on the Chemical Constituents of the Fruit Shell of Pinus bungeana Zucc. ex Endl. China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica 19(7) 425-426 NWSUAF332 20
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He Li; Shurong Shi 1989 巴旦杏仁油不皂化物及其脂肪酸组成的研究GC . Study on the Composition of Unsaponifiables and Fatty Acids in the Seed Oil of Prunus amygdalus China Oils and Fats (2) 34-39 NWSUAF46 7
Yumei Zhang; Zhongye Wei 1981 白苏、紫苏种子油脂肪酸组成及理化性质简介GC . Fatty Acid Composition and Physicochemical Properties of Seed Oil of Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt. And Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt.Var.Crispa (Thunb.) Dence Chinese Journal of Oil Crop Sciences (2) 77 NWSUAF62 14
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unknown 1980 从车前属分离的种子油的化学成分GC-MS . Chemical composition of seed oil extracted from Plantago genus plants Drugs & Clinic (2) 31-32 NWSUAF211 6
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Institute of plant oil group in yunnan province 1975 一种木本油料植物-蝴蝶果(GC) . A woody oil plant-Cleidiocarpon cavaleriei (H.Lév.) Airy Shaw Plant Diversity (2) 26-29 NWSUAF845 5
Geng Wei; Cao Lei; Chen Yan 2015 柚子籽的脂肪酸组成与含量分析_耿薇(GC-MS) . Fatty acid analysis of grapefruit seed by external standard method and peak area normalization method Chemical Engineer (2) 14-16 10.16247/j.cnki.23-1171/tq.20150214 NWSUAF866 6