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(7r,18r) 7,18 dihydroxy 15 tetracosenoic acid, (15z) Tree (7R,18R)-7,18-dihydroxy-15-tetracosenoic acid, (15Z)- 7,18-di-OH-24:1-delta-15c Nebraskanic acid; 7,18-Dihydroxy-15-tetracosenoic acid, (15Z)- C24H46O4 398.7 1
(7r,15z,18r,21z) 7,18 dihydroxytetracosa 15,21 dienoic acid Tree (7R,15Z,18R,21Z)-7,18-dihydroxytetracosa-15,21-dienoic acid 7,18-di-OH-24:2-delta-15c,21c Wuhanic acid; 7,18-Dihydroxy-15,21-tetracosedienoic acid, (15Z,21Z)- C24H44O4 396.7 1