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15 phenylpentadecanoic acid Tree 15-Phenylpentadecanoic acid 15-Ph-15:0 C21H34O2 318.55 2 M_530
9 ​pentadecenoic acid, 15 ​phenyl ​, (9z)​ Tree 9-​Pentadecenoic acid, 15-​phenyl-​, (9Z)​- 15-Ph-15:1-cis9 15-phenylpentadec-9-enoic acid C21H32O2 316.48 2
13 phenyltridecanoic acid Tree 13-Phenyltridecanoic acid 13-Ph-13:0 C19H30O2 290.49 4 M_509
9 ​tridecenoic acid, 13 ​phenyl ​, (9z)​ Tree 9-​Tridecenoic acid, 13-​phenyl-​, (9Z)​- 13-Ph-13:1-cis9 13-Phenyltridec-9-enoic C19H28O2 288.42 2
11 phenylundecanoic acid Tree 11-Phenylundecanoic acid 11-Ph-11:0 C17H26O2 262.43 2 M_531