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10,13,16 docosatrienoic acid Tree 10,13,16-Docosatrienoic acid 22:3-delta-10c,13c,16c C22 H38 O2 334.54 6 M_152
13,16,19 docosatrienoic acid, (13z,16z,19z) Tree 13,16,19-Docosatrienoic acid, (13Z,16Z,19Z)- 22:3-delta-13c,16c,19c 13,16,19-Docosatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)-; cis-13,cis-16,cis-19-Docosatrienoic acid C22 H38 O2 334.54 20 M_153
E,z,z 3,13,16 docosatrienoic acid Tree E,Z,Z-3,13,16-Docosatrienoic acid 22:3-delta-3t,13c,16c C22 H38 O2 334.54 2 M_410
5,13,16 docosatrienoic acid, (5z,13z,16z) Tree 5,13,16-Docosatrienoic acid, (5Z,13Z,16Z)- 22:3-delta-5c,13c,16c Eranthic acid; Eranthic acid C22 H38 O2 334.54 6 M_150
Z,z,z,z 7,10,13,16 docosatetraenoic acid Tree Z,Z,Z,Z-7,10,13,16-Docosatetraenoic acid 22:4-delta-7c,10c,13c,16c Adrenic acid C22 H36 O2 332.52 10 M_155
7,10,13,16,19 docosapentaenoic acid, (z,z,z,z,z) Tree 7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentaenoic acid, (Z,Z,Z,Z,Z)- 22:5-delta-7c,10c,13c,16c,19c C22 H34 O2 330.5 5 M_407
4,7,10,13,16,19 docosahexaenoic acid, (4z,7z,10z,13z,16z,19z) Tree 4,7,10,13,16,19-Docosahexaenoic acid, (4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)- 22:6-delta-4c,7c,10c,13c,16c,19c 4,7,10,13,16,19-Docosahexaenoic acid, (all-Z)-; Docosahexaenoic acid; (4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)-4,7,10,13,16,19-Docosahexaenoic acid; (4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,... C22 H32 O2 328.49 7 M_408
Tricosanoic acid Tree Tricosanoic acid 23:0 22FA; Tricosylic acid; n-Tricosanoic acid C23 H46 O2 354.61 312 M_156
9 tricosenoic acid, (9z) Tree 9-Tricosenoic acid, (9Z)- 23:1-delta-9c C23H44O2 352.59 7
Tetracosanoic acid Tree Tetracosanoic acid 24:0 Lignoceric acid; n-Tetracosanoic acid C24 H48 O2 368.64 1683 M_157
Tetracosenoic acid Tree Tetracosenoic acid 24:1 ambiguous structure C24H46O2 366.35 324 M_158
13 tetracosenoic acid Tree 13-Tetracosenoic acid 24:1-delta-13 C24H46O2 366.62 2
15 tetracosenoic acid, (15z) Tree 15-Tetracosenoic acid, (15Z)- 24:1-delta-15c Nervonic acid; 15-Tetracosenoic acid, (Z)-; 15-Tetracosenoic acid, cis-; (15Z)-Tetracosenoic acid; (Z)-15-Tetracosenoic acid; Nervonic acid; Nevoni... C24 H46 O2 366.62 379 M_159
17 tetracosenoic acid, (z) Tree 17-Tetracosenoic acid, (Z)- 24:1-delta-17c C24 H46 O2 366.62 3 M_414
19 tetracosenoic acid, (19z) Tree 19-Tetracosenoic acid, (19Z)- 24:1-delta-19c N/A C24 H46 O2 366.62 4 M_358
Tetracosadienoic acid Tree Tetracosadienoic acid 24:2 structure ambiguous C24H44O2 364.33 5 M_316
15,18 tetracosadienoic acid, (z,z) Tree 15,18-Tetracosadienoic acid, (Z,Z)- 24:2-delta-15c,18c -delta-15,18-Tetracosadienoic acid C24 H44 O2 364.61 2 M_409
12,15,18 tetracosatrienoic acid, (12z,15z,18z) Tree 12,15,18-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (12Z,15Z,18Z)- 24:3-delta-12c,15c,18c 12,15,18-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)- C24 H42 O2 362.59 1 M_411
15,18,21 tetracosatrienoic acid, (15z,18z,21z) Tree 15,18,21-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (15Z,18Z,21Z)- 24:3-delta-15c,18c,21c 15,18,21-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)- C24 H42 O2 362.59 1 M_447
Pentacosanoic acid Tree Pentacosanoic acid 25:0 Hyenic acid; n-Pentacosanoic acid C25 H50 O2 382.66 48 M_395
16 pentacosenoic acid, (16z) Tree 16-pentacosenoic acid, (16Z)- 25:1-delta-16Z 16Z-pentacosenoic acid; C25:1n-9; (Z)-17-Pentacosenoic acid; (Z)-pentacos-16-enoic acid; C25H48O2 380.66 1
Hexacosanoic acid Tree Hexacosanoic acid 26:0 Cerotic acid; Cerotic acid; Ceratinic acid; Ceric acid; Cerinic acid; Cerylic acid; NSC 4205; n-Hexacosanoic acid C26 H52 O2 396.69 184 M_160
Hexacosenoic acid Tree Hexacosenoic acid 26:1 structure ambiguous C26H50O2 394.38 8 M_161
17 hexacosenoic acid, (17z) Tree 17-Hexacosenoic acid, (17Z)- 26:1-delta-17c Ximenic acid; 17-Hexacosenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-17-Hexacosenoic acid; cis-17-Hexacosenoic acid; Ximenic acid C26 H50 O2 394.67 8 M_164
21 hexacosenoic acid, (21z) Tree 21-Hexacosenoic acid, (21Z)- 26:1-delta-21c 21-Hexacosenoic acid, (Z)- C26 H50 O2 394.67 2 M_344
Heptacosanoic acid Tree Heptacosanoic acid 27:0 Carboceric acid C27 H54 O2 410.72 13 M_165
18 heptacosenoic acid, (18z) Tree 18-heptacosenoic acid, (18Z)- 27:1-delta-18 C27H52O2 408.71 1
Octacosanoic acid Tree Octacosanoic acid 28:0 Montanic acid; Montanic acid; n-Octacosanoic acid C28 H56 O2 424.74 44 M_166
Octacosenoic acid Tree Octacosenoic acid 28:1 ambiguous structure C28H54O2 422.82 1 M_357
23 octacosenoic acid, (z) Tree 23-Octacosenoic acid, (Z)- 28:1-delta-23c C28 H54 O2 422.73 1 M_345
Nonacosanoic acid Tree Nonacosanoic acid 29:0 n-Nonacosanoic acid C29 H58 O2 438.77 1 M_528
20 nonacosenoic acid, (20z) Tree 20-nonacosenoic acid, (20Z)- 29:1-delta-20c (Z)-20-Nonacosenoic acid; (20Z)-NONACOS-20-ENOIC ACID C29H56O2 436.77 1
Hexadecanoic acid, 2 hydroxy Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 2-hydroxy- 2-OH-16:0 (±)-2-Hydroxyhexadecanoic acid; (±)-α-Hydroxypalmitic acid; 2-Hydroxyhexadecanoic acid; 2-Hydroxypalmitic acid; DL-2-Hydroxyhexadecanoic acid; DL-... C16 H32 O3 272.42 3 M_249
9 octadecenoic acid, 2 hydroxy , (9z) Tree 9-Octadecenoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (9Z)- 2-OH-18:1-delta-9c 9-Octadecenoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (Z)-; (Z)-2-Hydroxyoctadec-9-enoic acid; 2-Hydroxyoleic acid; Minerval; cis-2-Hydroxy-9-octadecenoic acid; -alpha-... C18 H34 O3 298.46 1 M_578
9,12 octadecadienoic acid, 2 hydroxy , (9z,12z) Tree 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (9Z,12Z)- 2-OH-18:2-delta-9c,12c 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (Z,Z)-; -alpha--Hydroxylinoleic acid C18 H32 O3 296.44 1 M_577
9,12,15 octadecatrienoic acid, 2 hydroxy , (9z,12z,15z) Tree 9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (9Z,12Z,15Z)- 2-OH-18:3-delta-9c,12c,15c 9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (Z,Z,Z)-; Linolenic acid, 2-hydroxy-; 2-Hydroxylinolenic acid; -alpha--Hydroxy -alpha--linolenic acid; -... C18 H30 O3 294.43 1 M_401
Octanedioic acid, 2 hydroxy , 7 methyl Tree Octanedioic acid, 2-hydroxy-, 7-methyl- 2-OH-7-Me-8-COOH-8:0 C9H16O5 204.1 2
2 hydroxy 8 (2 octylcycloprop 1 en 1 yl)octanoic acid Tree 2-hydroxy-8-(2-octylcycloprop-1-en-1-yl)octanoic acid 2-OH-9,10-cpe-19:1 C19 H34 O3 310.47 15 M_226
Propanoic acid Tree Propanoic acid 3:0 Propionic acid acid C3 H6 O2 74.08 2 M_003
Triacontanoic acid Tree Triacontanoic acid 30:0 Melissic acid; Melissic acid; Myricic acid; NSC 53832; n-Triacontanoic acid C30 H60 O2 452.8 10 M_167
Triacontenoic acid Tree Triacontenoic acid 30:1 Structure ambiguous (double bond position and configuration) C30H58O2 450.88 1 M_397
21 triacontenoic acid, (21z) Tree 21-Triacontenoic acid, (21Z)- 30:1-delta-21c 21-Triacontenoic acid, (Z)-; Lumequeic acid C30 H58 O2 450.78 1 M_168
Hentriacontanoic acid Tree Hentriacontanoic acid 31:0 C31H62O2 466.48 2
22 hentriacontenoic acid, (22z) Tree 22-Hentriacontenoic acid, (22Z)- 31:1-delta-22c C31H60O2 464.82 1
Dotriacontanoic acid Tree Dotriacontanoic acid 32:0 Lacceric acid; Lacceroic acid; n-Dotriacontanoic acid C32 H64 O2 480.85 1 M_169
Dotriacontenoic acid Tree Dotriacontenoic acid 32:1 Structure ambiguous (double bond position and configuration) C32H62O2 478.48 3 M_424
Tetratriacontanoic acid Tree Tetratriacontanoic acid 34:0 Geddic acid; Gheddic acid; Ghedoic acid C34H68O2 508.52 1 M_171
25 tetratriacontenoic acid, (25z) Tree 25-Tetratriacontenoic acid, (25Z)- 34:1-delta-25c 25-Tetratriacontenoic acid, (Z)-; Tetratriacont-25-enoic acid C34H66O2 506.9 1
3,4 methylenedodecanoic acid Tree 3,4-methylenedodecanoic acid 3,4-cpa-13:0 Cyclopropaneacetic acid, 2-​octyl-​ C13 H24 O2 212.18 1 M_336
Butanoic acid Tree Butanoic acid 4:0 Butyric acid; Butyric acid; 1-Propanecarboxylic acid; Ethylacetic acid; n-Butanoic acid; n-Butyric acid C4 H8 O2 88.11 16 M_005
9,11,13 octadecatrienoic acid, 4 oxo , (9z,11e,13e) Tree 9,11,13-Octadecatrienoic acid, 4-oxo-, (9Z,11E,13E)- 4-O=18:3-delta-9c,11t,13t Licanic acid; Licanic acid; 4-Oxo-9,11,13-octadecatrienoic acid; Couepic acid C18 H28 O3 292.41 15 M_187
9,11,13,15 octadecatetraenoic acid, 4 oxo , (z,e,e,z)  (8ci) Tree 9,11,13,15-Octadecatetraenoic acid, 4-oxo-, (Z,E,E,Z)- (8CI) 4-O=18:4-delta-9c,11t,13t,15c 4-Oxooctadeca-cis-9,trans-11,trans-13,cis-15-tetraenoic acid C18 H26 O3 290.4 2 M_188
Pentanoic acid, 4 oxo Tree Pentanoic acid, 4-oxo- 4-O=5:0 C5H8O3 116.12 4
Octadecanoic acid, 4 hydroxy Tree Octadecanoic acid, 4-hydroxy- 4-OH-18:0 C18H36O3 300.48 2
Pentanoic acid Tree Pentanoic acid 5:0 Valeric acid; Valeric acid, 1-Butanecarboxylic acid, n-Pentanoic acid C5 H10 O2 102.13 2 M_006
2 heptylcyclopropanebutanoic acid Tree 2-Heptylcyclopropanebutanoic acid 5,6-cpa-13:0 C14H26O2 226.4 1 M_309
5,6 methylenetetradecanoic acid Tree 5,6-methylenetetradecanoic acid 5,6-cpa-15:0 Cyclopropanebutanoic acid, 2-​octyl-​ C15 H28 O2 240.21 3 M_334
Hexanedioic acid Tree Hexanedioic acid 5-COOH-5:0 Adipic acid; 1,4-Butanedicarboxylic acid; 1,6-Hexanedioic acid; Acifloctin; Acinetten; Adilactetten; Adipinic acid; Asapic; E 355; Inipol DS; NSC ... C6 H10 O4 146.14 2 M_231
Hexanoic acid Tree Hexanoic acid 6:0 Caproic acid; 1-Hexanoic acid; 1-Pentanecarboxylic acid; Butylacetic acid; Caproic acid; Capronic acid; Pentylformic acid; n-Caproic acid; n-Hexano... C6 H12 O2 116.16 67 M_007
2 octylcyclopropanepentanoic acid Tree 2-Octylcyclopropanepentanoic acid 6,7-cpa-15:0 Cyclopropanepentanoi​c acid, 2-​octyl-​; 6,7-Methylenetetradecanoic acid; 2-Octylcyclopropanepentanoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.22 1 M_308
Heptanedioic acid Tree Heptanedioic acid 6-COOH-6:0 Pimelic acid; Pimelic acid ;Pileric acid; 1,5-Pentanedicarboxylic acid C7H12O4 160.19 2 M_232
Octanoic acid, 6 oxo Tree Octanoic acid, 6-oxo- 6-O=8:0 C8H14O3 158.09 2
Octadecanoic acid, 6 hydroxy Tree Octadecanoic acid, 6-hydroxy- 6-OH-18:0 C18H36O3 300.48 2
Octacosanoic acid, 6 hydroxy 6 methyl 9 oxo Tree Octacosanoic acid, 6-hydroxy-6-methyl-9-oxo- 6-OH-6-Me-9=O-28:0 Argemonic acid; Argemonic acid C29 H56 O4 468.75 1 M_300
Heptanoic acid Tree Heptanoic acid 7:0 1-Hexanecarboxylic acid; C7 H14 O2 130.18 9 M_008
(7r,18r) 7,18 dihydroxy 15 tetracosenoic acid, (15z) Tree (7R,18R)-7,18-dihydroxy-15-tetracosenoic acid, (15Z)- 7,18-di-OH-24:1-delta-15c Nebraskanic acid; 7,18-Dihydroxy-15-tetracosenoic acid, (15Z)- C24H46O4 398.7 1
(7r,15z,18r,21z) 7,18 dihydroxytetracosa 15,21 dienoic acid Tree (7R,15Z,18R,21Z)-7,18-dihydroxytetracosa-15,21-dienoic acid 7,18-di-OH-24:2-delta-15c,21c Wuhanic acid; 7,18-Dihydroxy-15,21-tetracosedienoic acid, (15Z,21Z)- C24H44O4 396.7 1
3 heptenoic acid Tree 3-Heptenoic acid 7:1-delta-3 β-heptenoic acid C7H12O2 128.08 2
Hexadecanoic acid, 7,8 methylene Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 7,8-methylene- 7,8-cpa-16:0 C17H32O2 268.44 2
Cyclopropanehexanoic acid, 2 octyl , (1r,2s) rel Tree Cyclopropanehexanoic acid, 2-octyl-, (1R,2S)-rel- 7,8-cpa-17:0 Cyclopropanehexanoic acid, 2-octyl-, cis- C17 H32 O2 268.43 6 M_307
Octanedioic acid Tree Octanedioic acid 7-COOH-7:0 Suberic acid; 1,6-Dicarboxyhexane; 1,6-Hexanedicarboxylic acid; 1,8-Octanedioic acid; Cork acid; Hexamethylenedicarboxylic acid; NSC 25952; NSC 53777 C8 H14 O4 174.19 9 M_233
Nonanoic acid, 7 methyl Tree Nonanoic acid, 7-methyl- 7-Me-9:0 ; C10H20O2 172.15 2
11 octadecenoic acid, 7 oxo , (z) Tree 11-Octadecenoic acid, 7-oxo-, (Z)- 7-O=18:1-delta-11c C18 H32 O3 296.44 3 M_315
10 heptadecen 8 ynoic acid, 7 hydroxy , (e) Tree 10-Heptadecen-8-ynoic acid, 7-hydroxy-, (E)- 7-OH-17:2-delta-8a,10t C17 H28 O3 280.4 1 M_453
10,16 heptadecadien 8 ynoic acid, 7 hydroxy , (e) Tree 10,16-Heptadecadien-8-ynoic acid, 7-hydroxy-, (E)- 7-OH-17:3-delta-8a,10t,16 C17 H26 O3 278.39 1 M_454
Octanoic acid Tree Octanoic acid 8:0 Caprylic acid; 1-Heptanecarboxylic acid; Caprylic acid;` C8 H16 O2 144.21 653 M_009
Octenoic acid Tree Octenoic acid 8:1 structure ambiguous C8H14O2 142.1 1 M_310
Cyclopropaneheptanoic acid, 2 octyl Tree Cyclopropaneheptanoic acid, 2-octyl- 8,9-cpa-18:0 Dihydromalvalic acid; Dihydromalvalic acid C18 H34 O2 282.46 41 M_218
1 cyclopropene 1 heptanoic acid, 2 octyl Tree 1-Cyclopropene-1-heptanoic acid, 2-octyl- 8,9-cpe-18:1 Malvalic acid; Halphen acid; Malvalic acid; Malvic acid C18 H32 O2 280.45 369 M_221
1 cyclopropene 1 heptanoic acid, 2 (8 nonyn 1 yl) Tree 1-Cyclopropene-1-heptanoic acid, 2-(8-nonyn-1-yl)- 8,9-cpe-19:2-delta-17a Sterculynic acid; 1-Cyclopropene-1-heptanoic acid, 2-(8-nonynyl)-; Sterculynic acid C19 H30 O2 290.44 1 M_227
Nonanedioic acid Tree Nonanedioic acid 8-COOH-8:0 Azelaic acid C9H16O4 188.22 23
9,11 octadecadiynoic acid, 8 oxo Tree 9,11-Octadecadiynoic acid, 8-oxo- 8-O=18:2-delta-9a,11a C18 H26 O3 290.4 3 M_374
17 octadecene 9,11 diynoic acid, 8 oxo Tree 17-Octadecene-9,11-diynoic acid, 8-oxo- 8-O=18:3-delta-9a,11a,17 Ketoisanic acid C18 H24 O3 288.38 3 M_376
Octanoic acid, 8 oxo Tree Octanoic acid, 8-oxo- 8-O=8:0 C8H14O3 158.09 4
10,12 octadecadiynoic acid, 8 hydroxy Tree 10,12-Octadecadiynoic acid, 8-hydroxy- 8-OH-18:2-delta-10a,12a C18 H28 O3 292.41 3 M_375
10,12 octadecadiynoic acid, 8 hydroxy Tree 10,12-Octadecadiynoic acid, 8-hydroxy- 8-OH-18:2-delta-9a,11a C18 H28 O3 292.41 5 M_433
11 octadecen 9 ynoic acid, 8 hydroxy , (11e) Tree 11-Octadecen-9-ynoic acid, 8-hydroxy-, (11E)- 8-OH-18:2-delta-9a,11t Agonandric acid; 11-Octadecen-9-ynoic acid, 8-hydroxy-, (E)-; Agonandric acid C18 H30 O3 294.43 4 M_269
13 octadecene 9,11 diynoic acid, 8 hydroxy , (e) Tree 13-Octadecene-9,11-diynoic acid, 8-hydroxy-, (E)- 8-OH-18:3-delta-9a,11a,13t C18 H26 O3 290.4 4 M_434
17 octadecene 9,11 diynoic acid, 8 hydroxy Tree 17-Octadecene-9,11-diynoic acid, 8-hydroxy- 8-OH-18:3-delta-9a,11a,17 Isanolic acid; Isanolic acid C18 H26 O3 290.4 7 M_278
11,17 octadecadien 9 ynoic acid, 8 hydroxy , methyl ester, (e)  (8ci) Tree 11,17-Octadecadien-9-ynoic acid, 8-hydroxy-, methyl ester, (E)- (8CI) 8-OH-18:3-delta-9a,11t,17 C19 H30 O3 306.44 1 M_452
13,17 octadecadiene 9,11 diynoic acid, 8 hydroxy , (e) Tree 13,17-Octadecadiene-9,11-diynoic acid, 8-hydroxy-, (E)- 8-OH-18:4-delta-9a,11a,13t,17 C18 H24 O3 288.38 3 M_463
8 hydroxy 5,6 octadienoic acid Tree 8-Hydroxy-5,6-octadienoic acid 8-OH-8:2-delta-5,6allene ; 5,6-Octadienoic acid, 8-hydroxy- C8 H12 O3 156.18 1 M_443
Nonanoic acid Tree Nonanoic acid 9:0 Pelargonic acid; Pelargonic acid;1-Octanecarboxylic acid; Nonoic acid; Nonylic acid; n-Nonanoic acid; n-Nonoic acid; n-Nonylic acid; n-Pelargonic ... C9 H18 O2 158.24 23 M_010
Nonenoic acid Tree Nonenoic acid 9:1 structure ambiguous C9H16O2 156.12 1 M_340
Octadecanoic acid, 9,10,18 trihydroxy Tree Octadecanoic acid, 9,10,18-trihydroxy- 9,10,18-tri-OH-18:0 Octadecanoic acid, 9,10,18-trihydroxy-, threo-(+)-; (+)-threo-9,10,18-Trihydroxyoctadecanoic acid; Aleutiric acid; Floionolic acid; Phloionolic acid C18 H36 O5 332.48 2 M_294
12 octadecenoic acid, 9,10,18 trihydroxy , (12z) Tree 12-Octadecenoic acid, 9,10,18-trihydroxy-, (12Z)- 9,10,18-tri-OH-18:1-delta-12c 9,10,18-Trihydroxyoctadec-12-enoic acid C18 H34 O5 330.46 2 M_403
Hexadecanoic acid, 9,10 methylene Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 9,10-methylene- 9,10-cpa-16:0 C17H32O2 268.44 4
Cyclopropaneoctanoic acid, 2 hexyl Tree Cyclopropaneoctanoic acid, 2-hexyl- 9,10-cpa-17:0 2-Hexylcyclopropaneoctanoic acid; 9,10-Methylenehexadecanoic acid; Hexadecanoic acid, 9,10-methylene- C17 H32 O2 268.43 17 M_497
Cyclopropaneoctanoic acid, 2 octyl , (1r,2s) rel Tree Cyclopropaneoctanoic acid, 2-octyl-, (1R,2S)-rel- 9,10-cpa-19:0 Dihydrosterculic acid; Cyclopropaneoctanoic acid, 2-octyl-, cis-; Dihydrosterculic acid; cis-9,10-Methylenooctadecanoic acid C19 H36 O2 296.49 248 M_217
1 cyclopropene 1 octanoic acid, 2 octyl Tree 1-Cyclopropene-1-octanoic acid, 2-octyl- 9,10-cpe-19:1 Sterculic acid; Sterculic acid; Sterculinic acid C19 H34 O2 294.47 359 M_225